Ben Moskel – President of Apex Next – Expands Service Offerings to Include Native Ad Management

Ben Moskel, President of Apex Next LLC, announced that the company will expand service offerings to include native advertising management.

Native advertising is a relatively new method of online marketing. “It is likely one of the hottest and fastest growing online marketing channels and is quickly being adopted by large and small brands,” explains Ben Moskel.

Native advertising is simple, but effective. It is advertisements that are placed alongside or within editorial content. A local heating and cooling business may purchase a native ad amongst news content about an approaching winter storm, for example.

With this ad format a company is not limited to just a small banner or text ad. You are limited in your message only by your imagination. For example, you can run an ad to a blog post or advertorial style content that educates the consumer while describing the benefits of your particular product or service.

Ben Moskel explains that it is an extremely effective way for companies to acquire new customers and also educate existing customers about new products or services. “Native advertising puts control in the hands of the advertiser. You can control the place and content that you want your target audience to see,” explains Ben.

Ben Moskel further describes it as a disarming way of showcasing your products and services. “With traditional marketing customers can put their guard up and tune out your company’s message.  However, with the native format you have the opportunity to educate a potential customer while they are open and curious about your communication,” describes Ben.

However, native advertising is not without pitfalls. Because the landscape is relatively new the platforms where native ads run are sometimes difficult to navigate. “You really need to familiarize yourself with the process of native ad buying.”

Ben describes the keys to success with native advertising:” You must know where your ad will run, when it will run, the geographic market you can limit it to, and keep close watch of your key performance indicators.”

Ben Moskel and his local Pittsford, New York agency, Apex Next, primarily focuses primarily on SEM such as Adwords, Bing, and Social Media PPC. However, Ben decided that he could better serve his clients by offering native advertising management. “We are extremely excited to offer this service to our clients. It’s fulfilling when you can acquire a new skill and make a direct and significant contribution to a company’s growth and development,” says Ben.

Ben Moskel’s agency helps businesses in areas of consumer financial products, clothing, real estate, and legal services.

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